Better Days


Don't forget these...

Scent: Cardamom, rare oud wood, and woody patchouli blend together to create this desirable fragrance filled with whimsical wonder and passion.

Clean Scent: Soy wax candle free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Toxins.

Recyclable: We're all about saving the planet. Please recycle your vessel after use.

Burn Time: 40+ hours

Musically Inspired: Listen to the sounds of Better Days.


Our most mysterious, and passionate scent creates a feeling of scentful awakenings. Complex notes of sweet spices, along with Oud Wood and Patchouli lures in moderate hints of woody and smoky base notes. We love this cologne-like complex and unisex scent because of its reminiscent ‰ÛÏbeach bonfire‰۝ qualities. Think of fresh air, beach walks, and the scents you would smell walking through a rainforest. Don‰۪t fret, Better Days are ahead.